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JHSEsq invites readers to study Fat is a Feminist Issue with herI previously mentioned that I would be writing about “” by Susie Orbach. When I read this book nearly 25 years ago, it was a life-changing experience. I have gone back and read parts of it from time to time over the years, but decided that it is time to re-read it in its entirety and write about it here, so I purchased the January 2006 revised edition. Originally, published in 1978, the book has been updated and reissued numerous times.

I invite you to read with me and join in a discussion of the book.

Each Sunday, I will write about successive sections of the book. I am not breaking it into chapters because there are only seven and each is packed with so much information that I think the discussion should be focused upon smaller segments.

This Sunday, I will publish an article based upon Orbach’s Preface and Introduction which explain her thesis, the book’s genesis, and what has transpired in the years since its initial publication during the Women’s Movement.

If you would like to participate, all you need to do is obtain a copy of the book which is inexpensive and readily available in paperback — any edition is fine because the only change is the update offered at the beginning. Then drop by this Sunday, read my introductory article, and join in the discussion. I will write about the first chapter next Sunday, October 21, 2007, which will allow time for those of you who wish to obtain a copy to do so.

It is not necessary that you read the sections of the book that I am going to be writing about by a specific date. My articles will remain here so that you can join the discussion at any time, reading and participating in the conversation as your own time constraints allow.

If you struggle with compulsive eating and have spent years trying to figure out why, this book holds the answers. Orbach writes honestly and with a respect for women that is, in my opinion, missing from cacophonous discussion of dieting taking place every day and from every conceivable media source in this country. If you are serious about understanding why you have found it so hard to break old behavioral and eating patterns, reading this book might be a life-altering experience for you, too.


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  3. Hi, i never read Fat Is A Feminist Issue Before but maybe it will be a very nice experience to read it. However, I think the main reasons why we can’t break our old and traditional habit is because we already get used to our laziness, that’s all. These days work has consumed too much time of our life and usually we prefer to rest rather than taking exercises in our free time.

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    Thanks for introducing fat is a feminist issue, I think everyone will get inspired after they read this book. Yes, it’s true that we must take daily exercises to change our life but unfortunately most people do not have enough time. I mean, they have time, but they can’t turn off their TV when they have time for exercises. ๐Ÿ˜›

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