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Thirteen Reasons Why WordPress is Superior To Blogger

An entry in Litemind’s Lists Group Writing Project and included in Second Edition of WordPress Links at WordPress Posts

I began blogging in March 2005. Being a neophyte, I signed up with Blogger because it was free and easy to use. But over time, as I learned more and more about blogging and, more importantly, the blogging community, I found Blogger’s inherent limitations extremely frustrating and, ultimately, unacceptable. I was spending as much time hacking my blog, implementing work-arounds in an effort to approximate the features that are built into WordPress, as I was writing content.

I migrated Colloquium to WordPress in early July 2007 and, in the process, spun some of my content off into two specialized sites, Here’s looking at . . . me! and Robert’s Legacy. It has not been a painless experience. The transition was labor-intensive and I am still working on formatting and other issues, mostly with the oldest content. But making the move has proven to be the correct decision for me.

If you are thinking about launching a blog or considering a move from one platform to the other, this list of features and characteristics that are unique to WordPress may be useful and assist you in making a decision.

1. Article Excerpts

You just experienced the first reason to use WordPress. The “more” function permits you to feature excerpts of posts on the main page of your site. You can do so in Blogger by implementing an “Expandable Post” hack, but it requires line by line modification of the template. There is a WordPress plugin that will automatically place an excerpt for each post containing a predetermined number of words on the front page for a completely uniform look. While I use excerpts, I prefer to control where the break appears depending on the flow of the content.

2. Static Pages

The ability to create static pages is not built into Blogger, although a couple of clever bloggers devised complicated work-arounds that are far from perfect.

Once again, hacking a template involves spending time tinkering with functionality that could be better invested in writing quality content. WordPress allows the creation of static pages, one of which can be used as a front page. Click here to see an example.

3. Scheduled Content Publishing

The “edit timestamp” feature is a must-have option for folks like me who canโ€™t be in front of the computer to hit โ€œpublishโ€ at the optimal moment. I write my content on the weekends or in the evening, tell WordPress when to take it live and then focus on other activities with the assurance that my articles will appear at the precise time specified.

4. Comment Relish

Visitors who comment for the first time receive a personal e-mail from me thanking them for visiting Colloquium and participating in the dialog. This is accomplished via the Comment Relish plugin. Again, I do not have to be sitting in front of the computer to accomplish this. The e-mail is generated automatically when the database detects that the comment author’s identity is unique.

5. Top Commentators

Folks who leave comments are rewarded in the sidebar via the Top Commentator plugin. This is another way in which the number of links among sites is increased. There is a great deal of other information that can be collected and displayed for visitors such as the list of most popular articles generated using Alex King’s plugin.

6. Trackbacks / Pings

There is no trackback / pinging system built into Blogger, so if you want to utilize those functions, you must implement Haloscan. Yet again, installation is time-consuming and not foolproof, and you are required to invest time modifying your blog to attain a function that is already built into WordPress.

Haloscan trackbacking requires that you visit the site you wish to trackback to, obtain the trackback address and then go to the Haloscan site, enter that address plus additional information and manually ping the site.

Using WordPress allows a ping to be sent as soon as a post is published. For instance, the embedded links to the sites of the plugin developers mentioned above assures that those sites will be pinged when this article is pubished because WordPress trackback addresses are identical to the post URL. WordPress also includes a form immediately under the text editor where additional addresses can be added and provides confirmation of the trackback. After publishing, reopen the post in “edit” mode and you will see a list of sites to which trackbacks were sent.

The text and graphics formatting options available in WordPress are literally infinite.

7. Comment Retention

If you use Blogger, you can settle for its limited commenting system or implement Haloscan. But you cannot enjoy the benefits of both. When I began using Haloscan on my old Blogger site, I could no longer access all of the comments entered up to that point. Also, there is no way to import comments gathered on the Haloscan system into WordPress other than copying and pasting them manually.

When I imported my old Blogger posts into WordPress, I retrieved the pre-Haloscan comments, though. Unfortunately, they are dated and no longer calculated by Technorati, according to the explanation I received from Darren Rouse.

8. Themes

Endless varieties are available. Far more than Blogger templates.

9. Formatting Text and Graphics

Using plugins, the possibilities are endless. Here are just two examples:

Among my favorite options? The ability to quickly add pullquotes to an article. I implemented them using Blogger, but only after manually modifying the template.

To add the pullquote you see in this article, I simply added “</blockquote class=”right”>” before the text and closed it with “</blockquote>”.

Among my favorite writing tools are footnotes. To my knowledge, there is no way to add them to an article using Blogger.

10. Archives

Forget the little drop-down sidebar box listing articles by month. Check out the expandable archives by month page made possible by the SRG Clean Archives plugin. And note that the archive is located on a static page! ๐Ÿ˜‰

11. Sitemap and “Author’s Favorites”

Aside from the sitemap you need to generate so that all of the search engines can find your content, a sitemap situated on a static page like this one allows readers to scan the contests of your site in its entirety by page, month and topic, as well as find all available feeds.

I prefer the page generated using Alex King’s popularity plugin which I have labeled “Author’s Favorites.” Articles are listed there by category. Unlike a sitemap which automatically lists all content, custom fields dictate what appears on this page. 1

12. Data Backup

Fear a complete loss of data? You should. It can happen and be devastating. For that reason, you can and should back up your entire blog at regular intervals. Fortunately, there are plugins available that allow you to complete a full backup with just a couple of clicks. I use WordPress Database Backup which offers a number of options: You can save the download file to a directory on your server, your hard drive or e-mail it to yourself in a .zip file. You can also schedule regular backups and they will be performed automatically.

13. SEO Optimization and Tagging

This Monday, September 24, 2007, WordPress 2.3 will be released. Among the promised improvements are “built-in tags support, faster javascript, and SEO-friendly URL redirection.” I’m looking forward to see how the new version works.

  1. “Author’s Favorites” is not yet complete. I am still reformatting and adding custom fields to older articles imported from Blogger. []


  1. I have to agree!!! I was blogging since 2004 and I too started at blogger but then changed WP months after:)
    Nice TT!

    Mine’s up too!

  2. How do you convert to wordpress when everyone knows your blog name and its already taken in the internet world so you cant buy it??Its the rerouting i dont get. Im a complete computer dummy….

  3. WordPress lovers of the world, unite! Having previously used Blogger and MovableType, and never quite getting Expression Engine, I can say that WP wins over them all, at least in this gal’s blog experience.

    Happy TT!

  4. You can also get a plug-in—and I SO ENVY WordPress users for this—to allow you to turn off the “no follow” function in the comments, allowing you to give commenters an actual link. In typepad, doing it is really complicated.

    I love typepad, but I sometimes do envy Word press users.

  5. agreed! wordpress offers far more features and greater custimization with the various plugins, but blogger is still a great platform especially for those new to blogging and just wanting to test it out to see if its something they will like.

  6. Sounds like it’s got some good advantages, but it still seems too complicated for me. I’ll stick with Blogger for a while.

  7. I’ve been with Blogger for almost 2 1/2 years. I wish I had known about WordPress from the start. I think it would be very hard to take my site to WP now.

  8. I have never tried either, but you’ve got me convinced! Happy TT … ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I felt that WP was a little harder to use in the beginning. However, once you get used to it, there’s no going back.

  10. I appreciate your view of things. As it happens I’d been looking into switching this week and would really love that time-release publishing feature.

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    I think 90% of the blogs are in WP ?

  12. Malignition.com

    Great post! WordPress is better than Blogger in so many ways. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of starting off with Blogger.

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  14. In other words, WordPress is wayyy more flexible than Blogger, and by using the self-hosted WordPress, everything from the header image to the footer can be modified and tweaked. And there’s also the ability to add various plugins and widgets to enhance the blog!

    WordPress rocks! ๐Ÿ™‚

    pelf’s last blog post..Breast cancer symptoms

  15. I don’t agree. With WP it’s hard to change your template, and when migrating from Blogger many videos from YouTube are lost.

    Miguel’s last blog post..Pensamentos do dia

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  21. I, too switched to WordPress from Blogger and have never looked back. I had not heard of the Comment Relish plugin – will definitely check it out.

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  30. Simply Geek

    I had started my new geek blog in blogger using my custom domain and hosted on blogger.. but it had some issues when i used the url http://simplygeek.org instead of http://www.simplygeek.org This is another failiure of blogger.. I was not yet succesful in finding an answer to this and so i moved to wordpress.

  31. Its true that wordpress is superior to Blogger. I have used both these blogging platforms.The problem with blogger is that we dont get much customizability,widgets etc.. But some blogspot bloggers like me are trying to develop new blogspot widgets which will make blogger at least comparable to wordpress.. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Blogger Plugins’s last blog post..Orkut Profile widget for blogs (blogger and others)

  32. I used Movabletype for five years, never really liking their template language, but I had it pretty figured out until their 4.0 update – when everything that had to do with templates and the back-end completely changed. MT said everything would be “easier with the updates” but I got so fed up, I switched to WP, and I am so happy with all its flexibilities and features. Sure, I have to learn some PHP now, but those are great skills to have!

    Love your blog by the way, I have found so many interesting and helpful articles!

    Cheney’s last blog post..Matches from Sugar Paper

  33. Ottila - Webdesigner

    Iโ€™ve been reading your blog for quite a while. Thank you for this excellent article. However, for most people new to blogging, Blogger may be a good choice.

  34. Nguyen Truong Tho

    Sadly, Blogger has all, and even more, the features that you listed ^^. But in order to create it yourself, you have to learn a bit of Web programming :(. I think it’s hard to say which one is better, it depends on your purpose of using a blog …

    Nguyen Truong Tho’s last blog post..A trick for NTUers ๐Ÿ˜›

  35. You make a strong case for WordPress.

    Eva Whites last blog post..Rising Hemlines.. Rising Stocks

  36. JHS, great post! We also think that WordPress is superior; particularly when you host it yourself. The only issue is that we are seeing some bugs with 2.5.* with the new Ajax stuff in the admin panel on non-IE browsers.

  37. I started with blogger. But i’m so happy I switched to wordpress. It’s so much better. It seems that most of the blogs are running on wordpress.

    Gino Js last blog post..Itโ€™s easier to invent the future than to predict it

  38. A very good appreciation of the fundamental differneces, thanks for that.

    IO think Bloggers is good for beginners to learn the ropes without any complications, but as soon as you want to start making it really work for you you will want to upgrade to Word Press – optimizing your keywords for instance is a snap with WP.

    Rhyss last blog post..Hereโ€™s a Quick Way to Rocket Your Site to No 1 in Google

  39. I always prefer WordPress over blogger.I had a static html site which includes a photo gallery Bipasha Basu Photos.I was in a little confusion whether to use blogger or wordpress for it.Finally i went for WordPress because of the amazing feature.The features that made me use Worpress are
    1)Customizable permalinks(this was the most important one for me.)
    2)Full script is in my hands unlike blogger
    3)I can easily create pages in wordpress
    4)Lot of plugins are available which can be used to improve the look and feel of the site.
    5)A lot of templates are available.Actually i am using a gallery on this site and i was able to find a theme that matches my photo gallery.That shows the amount and variety of wordpress templates available on the net.
    6)Lastly i love it because it is Open Source.I am also using an Open Source gallery script on my site..

  40. Some of these now are a part of Blogger. They seem to be slowly listening to what bloggers want and need. WP still gets my vote though

  41. word press is much better than blogger plugins…
    there are many reasons…
    1.support for wordpress is appreciable..no need to worry about the errors
    2.infinite plugins making the task easier.
    3.easier to comment and much easier for the mods to view and edit them at any time..
    4.super admin panel with all options..


    johns last blog post..SEARCHING FOR XP KEY???

  42. Stem Cell Storage

    Personally i think wordpress is the future, and thats not just for blogging. WordPress is growing so fast what with new versions of wp, themes and plugins coming out everyday, i cant see anything stopping it!

  43. WordPress is far better than blogger.The best feature i like is the customizable permalinks and the availability of numerous plugins like the all-in-one-seo-pack..Blogger can never provide such features..

  44. WP is the best blog script around. I use the normal and MU version and the best is its totally free and can be easily cutomized.

  45. small business crm

    The first blog script I used was blogger so commonly what you start off with is what you stay with..

  46. WordPress is a beautiful thing. I love it a lot more than blogger too. Thanks for the posts and the comparison.

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  47. I can think of 10013 reasons its better but this in a nice list, good job explaining why

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  48. I am a WP user. But came across some smaller providers that offer great service, free designs and free hosting of subdomains..

  49. patent assistance worldwide

    Could not agree more. I am also a wordpress user. Its also the addons that makes this blog script so great.

  50. Livio Kujur

    Yes, I agree… I have been using WP and also encouraging my clients to use it… we create customized template and install and do everything and also we give training on how to use it… WP is the best CMS i ever came across…

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