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Time to Again Take Inventory

I am still wearing too many clothes that simply no longer fit and they are decidedly unflattering. They have to go.

Last Sunday evening, the Lodi Community Band, in which I play flute (and am beginning to play piccolo a bit), presented its annual summer concert. We wear black pants and our burgundy polo shirts bearing the Band’s logo. My shirt is way too big, even after I put it in the dryer by itself on the highest heat setting. It will not shrink any more. So I told the band member in charge of issuing shirts that I need to trade it in for one two sizes smaller.

As for my black pants . . . I wore a pair of cropped pants that I purchased for our trip to Hawaii in June 2005 with the Stockton Concert Band.JHSEsq & family at Luau in Hawaii I’ve continued to wear them, even though they are too big, because they have a drawstring waist which means that, unlike my other pants, I can adjust them so that they will stay up!

At the end of the concert, the conductor asked all of us to rise and take a bow. That was the point at which BigBob got a good look at me in that oversized shirt and baggy pants. He came up behind me, grabbed a handful of extra material and said, “You have to go shopping! You look like Bozo the Clown!”  Brutal!

But honest. The kind of reality-check honesty I need because when I look in the mirror, I see the woman in the picture above, wearing those pants when they fit, not the woman I am today. I see the round-faced woman who became even fatter after that photo was snapped.

So the pants are in the box of fat clothes and I am going to dig through my closet later today, trying on clothes and making an honest assessment about how they fit and whether or not, if they do, I really want to wear them. I am also going to take inventory of the fall-winter items because I suspect there are some cold-weather clothes lurking in the back of the closet that haven’t fit for a few years, but do now. I also need to evaluate which of the clothes I wore the last couple of years still fit. If they don’t, they’re going into the box, too. And BigBob is delivering it to a local women’s shelter this week. No looking back. No saving it “just in case” because under no circumstances can I allow those clothes to ever fit properly again.

Time to Shop

And after I finish taking inventory, I’m going shopping. I have been buying virtually all of my clothing on-line for the past few years. But I no longer know what size I wear which means that I’m going to have to go to the store and actually try clothes on. I would rather have a root canal. I hate to shop, especially for clothes, so I am not looking forward to it.

I also must buy some good walking shoes because it is also . . .

Time to Intensify and Vary the Fitness Routine

This morning, after water aerobics (which included 25 minutes of deep water treading), I met with the manager of the club to which I belong. He got me started on the treadmill! He explained how to establish the correct speed and grade, monitor my heart rate, etc.

My weight loss seems to have plateaued again which means that I have to “pump up” the intensity to jump-start my metabolism again. The manager explained that it is time for me to begin cross-training. So, in addition to continuing with water aerobics, I will be walking on the treadmill, initially for 30 mintues per day.

Since this is a long weekend, I will be back at the club the next three mornings, walking and doing water aerobics. This is the perfect opportunity to get my new routine established because if I am a little sore or tired, I can relax and get acclimated before having to resume work on Tuesday.

So that’s my plan! Check back or, even better, subscribe to my feed because I will definitely be reporting on my progress!

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  1. I’ve found that after I had lost some weight, I had reached a plateau as well. I think that our bodies become accustomed to the same routine and we need to change it up at regular intervals. Keep up the good work!

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