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JHSEsq participates in Throwback Thursday

Why do we do this to our children? We position them so that they are facing the sun or bright lights, and then tell them to smile and “say cheese”! I don’t know if it was my father (most likely) or sister who had me face the east on the front step of the house to show the money left by the tooth fairy.

JHSEsq participates in Throwback Thursday

BigBob calls this photo “The Future Lawyer.” Looks like I was giving somebody “what-for” and refusing to continue posing!


  1. pinks & blues girls

    Oh my gosh, SO CUTE! I love that sass you’re giving in that second picture!

    And wow, you got a dollar from the Tooth Fairy!? She must have really liked you!

    Happy TT!

    Jane, P&B Girls

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