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Blog Your Blessings Sunday

Celebrate Your Accomplishments

I have again neglected this little blog. It has been left like the proverbial orphan on the doorstep of the orphanage for a few weeks.



Life has kept me from maintaining this site. I was on vacation for a couple of weeks. Additionally, I undertook a rather ambitious project — the overhaul of all my websites. Basically, I turned them all into blogs. Over the years, I created and maintained websites for several nonprofit groups, including the two community bands of which I am a member, the Lodi Community Band and Stockton Concert Band. Gradually, I have been redesigning all of them. It takes a lot of time and energy.

So while I was working on that project, this blog languished.

I have also, candidly, avoided writing here because I have been on a weight loss plateau. And I just haven’t wanted to write about it.

I’m far past the point of noticing every couple of pounds dropping off. I’m down approximately 60 pounds1 and have reached the point where continuing weight loss is coming slowly and gradually.

I know from painful experience that this is a dangerous time. I’ve been down this path a few times before.

This is where the going gets tough and it is tempting to give up and revert to one’s “old ways”.

I refuse to do it again.

Each day, I find myself scrounging in the closet for something to wear. I have quite a few items of clothing that I saved “just in case I lose the weight.” And a lot of those outfits fit again. I have reached the point where I simply cannot wear most of my clothing, including the items that will at least stay up or on because they have elastic. The fact is that most of my clothes are so baggy now, they look terrible. So every morning I push hangers around looking for something in the recesses that again fits.

I still have a number of items, including three really nice Bankers Club suits that will never go out of style, that almost fit. I can button and zip them, but they are still a bit too snug to wear comfortably. So that is extremely gratifying and encouraging.

But I also know that I have to step up my exercise program. It has been difficult for me to get to my beloved water aerobics classes because of professional commitments. So I am going to have to either find classes at another club2 or go to my club and have my own private class. They are open from 4:45 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. so accessibility is not an issue. Thus far, I have not felt comfortable taking that approach, but I am going to have to “get over it”.

Every day is an adventure and opportunity to celebrate what I have accomplished thus far and continue striving to meet my goals. Every day is a chance to maintain a healthy perspective when things do not go perfectly. I have to remind myself that if I do not stringently adhere to the program I have designed for myself, eating a few too many grams of fat and/or a type of food that I usually avoid, those variations are minor and trivial when contrasted with the types and amounts of food I used to eat routinely.

For instance, I had a small piece of cake at my nephew’s high school graduation party. It was the first cake or pastry I had eaten in about a year. I was kicking myself that evening, but stopped when I realized that fact.

So on this beautiful Sunday, I am blessed by the strength I have been granted to get this far and grateful for what I have accomplished to date. I will reach my goals so long as I remain faithful, maintain a healthy perspective, remembering to forgive myself for not being perfect at all times and in all situations, and remember to be thankful for the source of my strength in this lifelong process.

Blog Your Blessings

  1. Recall that I do not weigh, so that is my best guessestimate based upon the way my clothing fits and recollection of how much I weighed when I purchased certain items in my closet. []
  2. And that brings up the whole issue of comfort, familiarity and safety. []

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