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JHSEsq blogs about her blessings

“I get around.”

Remember that old Beach Boys song? I’ve been singing it this week.

Last Sunday, I spent the day in Napa with my musical hero, Sir James Galway, and his gracious and talented wife, Lady Jeanne.

The next morning, I was off to South Lake Tahoe on a two-day business trip.

JHSEsq visits San Francisco

I spent Thursday in our beautiful city by the bay, San Francisco, and it was the day you want to see the City and take the photo for the postcard. The sky was perfectly blue and without a single cloud. The air was crisp and clear . . . you could see the city skyline perfectly while crossing the Bay Bridge and Alcatraz was fully visible, as was the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge beyond it. I wanted so badly to take photos, but, alas, I was driving and that would have been treacherous! This photo from Morgue File communicates the idea.

This afternoon, I am off to Orange County on another business trip. However, since it is Sunday and I have friends there, I am fortunate to be looking forward to dinner with them this evening. This is a photo of the friend I will be dining with: It was taken in the summer of 1979 when she came home to Lodi with me to pick up my first-ever brand new car, a 1979 Mercury Capri Ghia. I also sang at the wedding of another long-time friend’s brother so we were snapped here in the Japanese Tea Garden where the ceremony took place.

So there is much to be thankful for today! First of all, safe travel — past and continuing. Secondly, important work to do that sends me around the state. I’m a “true believer” in the work that I do which makes it a pleasure to get up in the morning and trudge off to earn my daily bread.

Of course, those friends I mentioned are an ongoing blessing in my life. I look back on photos taken with my friends so many years ago and am reminded that I am very lucky to have so many folks in my life that I have been close to over time. We know each other’s life stories and quirks. We don’t have to explain who we are or where we’ve been. We can just relax and enjoy being together.

Have a wonderful Sunday and take a moment to consider and be thankful for the many blessings in your life!


  1. I used to love to travel like this. Now, I just want to go somewhere and stay for awhile. Have a great week.

  2. I have had several memorable visits to both San Francisco and to Orange County. I envy you this week ………

    Happy BYB Sunday

  3. What wonderful adventures with wonderful friends! You are indeed blessed. I read your comments on Anthony’s blog in response to his Pollack painting post. Your questions are a lot like the ones I wonder about! You seem a kindred spirit in many ways. I enjoy your blog! I’m putting you in my blogroll, and hope to enjoy many posts to come Nice to discover you!

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