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  1. crunk
  2. DVR
  3. flex-cuff
  4. ginormous
  5. gray literature
  6. hardscape
  7. IED
  8. microgreen
  9. perfect storm
  10. RPG
  11. smackdown
  12. speed dating
  13. sudoku



  1. “Smackdown” has come a little late really… what worries me is that they’ll eventually add suxorz, l337, and rotflmao.


    So goes the King’s English…

  2. JHSEsq

    I hear you, Matthew. Interesting to see what they add, but kinda sad, too.

  3. Loving Annie

    Good Wednesday evening Janie !
    I like ginormous and perfect storm…

    Heh-heh. Forgot to warn you ! That’s what you get for missing a few days of my blog posts !
    I simply can’ be a good girI all the time…
    I moved all of ‘that’ kind of stuff over to my new blog where it will be more appropriate…

    Hope you are having a good week !

  4. I realize when I read this that even though I’m always hearing the phrase “perfect storm,” I haven’t a clue what it means…so I should be glad they added it, I guess.

  5. It is interesting I come across this. Just last night my wife and I were discussing how we have “ingd” our vocabulary. Twenty years ago we told some one “I will fax this to you” now we say “we are faxing this”

    We had several examples of where in the last 20 years we have slaped ing on a noun and turned it into a verb. Blog to Blogging?

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