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Welcome to Colloquium, redesigned and powered by WordPress!

Today I am thankful that my ordeal with the company from which I originally purchased my domain name is over and this site is not just up and running again, but greatly improved! Do you like the new layout? I think it looks much better, providing more “white space,” easier navigation and faster loading times.

Today is the last day of vacation and I have spent most of it getting all of my posts imported from Blogger, tweaking the layout, etc. I still have some work to do, but I am pleased, overall, with the progress I have made so far.

I am having a great time discovering the features of WordPress and playing with the many widgets available. I even found a widget that makes it possible to include footnotes in posts!1

I also spent a good portion of the week converting all of my other websites — I create sites for nonprofit organizations — to WordPress blogs which will make it easier to keep the content current because I have enabled other folks to post. It is safe to do so because, unlike with html, they cannot unwittingly alter the layout. The result is a win-win — for me because it lessens the amount of time I have to devote to keeping each site up to date and those organizations because they do not have to wait for me to find time to upload relevant information.

I’m thankful to have important, fulfilling work to return to tomorrow and a lovely office with air conditioning in which to perform that work. I will be spending as much time as possible in water aerobics classes because I did fall “off the wagon” a bit with regard to my fitness regime, especially on July 4th. With vacation over, it is time to get serious about my ongoing quest for optimum health.

And I’m thankful to you for your patience this past week when the site was not accessible. I’m glad that you stopped by today and hope you will return to the new and improved “Colloquium“!

Blessings to you on this sunny Sunday afternoon!

  1. Since I use footnotes a lot when writing professionally, I am totally enthralled with this new tool. []


  1. Isn’t it a great feeling when you get a new look? Kind of like a real life make-over. I really like the new design – simple and classic. And yes, I’m hooked on WP plugins, too.

  2. Lookin’ Good!

    (as I type comments I can barely see what I’m typing it’s such a light font. Don’t know if you have any control of that.)

  3. Looks good. I agree with Karen, it is a bit hard to see what your writing,. But i do like your your new layout. Glad your happy with it.

  4. JHSEsq

    Thanks for letting me know about the comment text! I didn’t realize that I had made the text input the light blue color. Still tinkering with the style sheet. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I didn’t know you moved to another host but my link from my blog roll still works. I might have to get advice from you as I am going to do the same. Love the look


    Angel ():)

  6. JHSEsq

    Angel Mama: My old site is redirected here. That means that if you type the old address into your web browser, you automatically end up here! Please change the link to https://www.jhsiess.com.

    I heartily recommend Word Press. I think it is far superior to Blogger and wish I had started out using it when I first began blogging in March 2005.

  7. Yeh…looking good! Sorry I missed ya on Sunday Blessings from my Moonlight Becomes Me!

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