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Cancer has or will touch all of our lives, either through our own struggle with the disease or that of a friend or loved one. As I get older, more and more of my friends and classmates are being diagnosed with various forms.

A couple of years ago, one of my friends from school was diagnosed and she has fought bravely. She has endured treatment that was as brutal as the disease, demonstrating not only dignity and courage, but a determination to live that left all who know her in awe.

However, it is now time for acceptance and, hopefully, a peaceful crossing over into eternity. The doctors informed her that treatment is not working and there is no alternate form to try. Therefore, all treatment has been discontinued and hospice care summoned. Their estimate of her life span is two to six months.

Another friend and I went to see her on Saturday. It was a very brief visit as she was too tired and weak to get out of bed, although she definitely wanted visitors.

Say a prayer also for all persons, their friends and families, who are fighting cancer this day, as well as the researchers who seek to understand why so many are afflicted and develop means to prevent and cure the disease.

Secondarily, after visiting with our mutual friend, my other friend went to dinner with a man she has been seeing for quite awhile, only to have him break off their relationship. To say that she had a very difficult, emotional day is a huge understatement. She will be just fine, but needs some time to accept and adjust to this development, so for her and others resolving personal relationship issues, today is a time to pray that they be blessed with peaceful closures as they discern what the future holds for them.

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