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I’m going to be participating in Ceeci’s wonderful project, Gratitude Tuesday. Here is the way she describes the rules:

They’re simple, there are none. It’s bedlam and chaos, not really. It’s you being you, you letting everyone know what you love, what you’re grateful for, what makes you and your day happy.

I would love to have others join me in this project. Feel free to post here, or on your own space, but let me know you’ve made an entry. Don’t worry about consistency, this is just a way to help focus on the little things that make life richer. When I take the time to think of all the things I’m grateful for I realize how full my life is and the niggling things begin to fade away.

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Last night we attended the end-of-the-year awards dinner and ceremony at Matthew’s school. He was recognized for being on the Honor Roll. We await his final report card for the year . . . he thinks he is going to get a B in, of all things, Art. He has earned straight A’s for the first three quarters of his freshman year. I told him that if he gets a B in Art, despite his best efforts, there is no reason to feel bad. “Mom,” he tells me, “I’m pathetic. I can’t even draw stick people.” I’m sorry to report that he inherited his lack of artistic talent from both of his parents. So if he gets A’s in subjects like science, math, English and Spanish, we will be very proud of him and I will apologize profusely yet again for the fact that my DNA, like his father’s, is completely devoid of any artistic genes.

My little scholar gave the opening prayer in Spanish and did a wonderful job. The principal commended him for doing so well and being willing to read the prayer at the ceremony.

Finally, he won the “Young Author” award! That excited me the most, of course! His English teacher (pictured with him in the photo below) talked about what a wonderful writing he is and how all the other kids in his class are always eager to read his work because it is always interesting and entertaining. She commented on his unique perspective! In addition to a certificate which we will frame and hang in his room, he received a beautiful pen with his name engraved on it!

I am very grateful today for my “Mattie-Boo” (don’t tell him I called him that in front of you . . . he is “Matt” around his friends) and the joy he brings us. I just can’t imagine life without him.

I am also very grateful for his wonderful teachers, principal and friends, and am so glad that we found such a loving, supportive environment for him. (He attends a small, nondenominational Christian high school.) I had misgivings, but he is flourishing there!

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Gratitude Tuesday

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