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Everybody likes to talk about their family, especially if you have kids. Sit down, have a cup of coffee and enjoy the informative, funny and inspiring stories, insights and observations offered by the many gifted writers participating in this week’s Carnival!

You can learn more about the Carnival at An Island Life. Let Kailani know if you are interested in hosting a future edition. Entries must be submitted each Saturday evening by midnight Hawaii time.

Next week’s Carnival will be hosted by Leisa at downwiththekids.net.

Here are this week’s entries:

Jack Yoest of Yoest.com presents Memorial Day at Arlington National Cemetery.

Cory Aldrich of Marriage Actually presents Holiday Negotiations.

mom&dad of raising4boys.com present How Not to Coach a Kids’ Soccer Team.

Kerri of Play Library presents Dangerous Pool Toys.

Jordan of MamaBlogga presents Five Things Moms Do Right.

Laura Young of Dragon Slayer’s Guide to Life presents When Your Old Self and New Self are out of Sync: Social Drag.

Karen Flores of Karen Flores presents By the word of their testimony – More Read Alouds

Jenny-Up the Hill of Up the Hill Gang presents Up the Hill Gang: 10 Days.

Holly Schwendiman of Holly’s Corner Blog presents We Made It!.

Silicon Valley Blogger of The Digerati Life presents Sounding Off On How Much Mom’s Job Should Pay.

Mama Duck of Lil Duck Duck presents Messy party ideas – part 3.

Kevin of More4Kids Parenting presents Parenting Tip of the Day: Avoid Punishing When Angry.

Super Saver of My Wealth Builder presents Investing for Our Daughter.

Erica Douglas of LittleMummy.com presents Parenting: Micro-Management v. Complete Delegation.

Lill Hawkins of News from Hawkhill Acres presents Singing in My Sleep.

Sara of fiveberries in Texas presents On Potty Training.

Dana of Principled Discovery presents Homeschooling With a New Baby.

Sherrie McCarthy of Confessions of a Wandering Gypsy Princess presents Pumpkin Butt is Driving Me Crazy.

Dana of Southern Gal Goes North presents Unruly Children=Bad Parenting?.

Riley of All Rileyed Up presents The Latest in Hair Trends.

muse of me-ander presents Nice Day, Nice Pictures.

Therapy Doc at Everyone Needs Therapy presents Commencement.

Sara of Suburban Oblivion presents One of Those Real (Bad) Mom Days.

Whymommy of Toddler Planet presents A Peace-Loving Home.

Karen of Write from Karen presents Doing the Shuffle.

Csara of Baby Talkers presents Sharing.

Hueina Sue of Echoes of Cold Moon presents In Praise of Green Beans.

Christine of Everyday Disasters presents Physics and the School Play.

Shera of There’s A Frog In My Soup . . . and other mixed blessings! presents Brother for Sale.

Julee of Homeschool Daze presents I’m Serious.

Chris Wondra of Chris Wondra.com presents What to do when your child is being teased.

Jennifer of Toddler Tactics presents Let the Battles Begin.

Mommy the Maid of Mommy the Maid presents Yesterday she turned two.

Summer of Wired for Noise presents Poop.

Suzanne of Adventures in Daily Living presents Things I Need to Remember.

Kate of Babylune presents Unassisted Childbirth Considered More Normal.

Megan Bayliss of Imaginif. . . presents Saying No Takes Practice: Play Idea to Help Kids Say No.

Kailani of An Island Life presents The Happiest Place on Earth?

Pamm of We Survived the Teens presents Teens and Sex.

Stephen Ward of Project Paradox presents Kids Say the Darnedest Things.

Vicky of Little Legends Blog presents At what age do you let your children go out on their own?

Leisa of Down with the Kids presents A Humour Milestone?

Carol of Can’t Holder Tongue presents Bathtub Advice.

Kristen of Love Shak, Baby presents Going Out To Eat With The Kids: Where Do You Go?

Arun of Arun is Bringing You . . . Your Daily Remedy presents The Art of Forgetting.

Michelle Sweeney of Tonic Gifts presents The meanest mother in the world.

Christine of Are We There Yet Mom? presents Summer Safety and the Unthinkable!

Nathania Johnson of The SEM Zone presents I’m a Proud SEO Mom.

Jonathan Pippenger of Growing Up with the Kids presents Dad Logic vs. Daughter Emotion: Round 1.

Madeleine Begun Kane of Mad Kane’s Humor Blog presents No Sweat Divorce.

The Expatriate Chef of The Expatriate’s Kitchen presents I Know She’ll Like it — Someday.

Maureen of Trinity Prep School presents Peak Experience of the Week.

Ben Cotten of Ben’s Soap Box presents My Apologies to Golden China for the Spider Monkeys.

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