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Thirteen Thoughts About the Past Week

1. Water aerobics classes finally moved outside. Hallelujah! The sun felt great.

2. BigBob came home from the hospital yesterday.

3. The doctor informed him that he had five different types of infections raging when they operated.

4. BigBob is lucky that he responded to the antibiotics.

5. The surgeon told him that the appendicitis set in a few days earlier than BigBob seemed to think it did.

6. Beats me how he managed to ignore the symptoms that long. The surgeon said the first night that “he must be a tough guy.” Ya think?

7. BigBob woke me up at 7:00 a.m. with the sound of water hitting the plants outside my bedroom window. Yes, the big dufus actually went out in the backyard and started watering. Did I tell him to get his butt back into the house and rest? What do you think?

8. I had to do the grocery shopping on Monday night. I couldn’t tell you how many years had elapsed since I last set foot in a grocery store. I don’t shop. That’s BigBob’s job. But my cupboards looked like Old Mother Hubbard’s so I made #1Son accompany me and we got it done.

9. I hired a gardener today who will start working on Monday. The neighbors will just have to be patient. Not that any of them have said anything, but I’m sure the Gladys Kravitzes of the ‘hood are clucking their tongues and speculating. And yes, we do have a couple Gladyses but I’m not naming names.

10. Schlepping off to the hospital every day to visit pooped me out so I’m glad that’s over.

11. I actually went to bed at 9:30 p.m. last night. And I fell asleep a little after 10:00 p.m. That’s about 4 hours earlier than normal.

12. Did I mention that I’m still tired in spite of having gone to bed so early last night?

13. I plan to spend this Mother’s Day sleeping.

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  1. Having a family member in the hospital is exhausting! Bless you! My TT is also posted.

  2. Starrlight

    I hate going to sleep early and still waking up tired. Happy TT!

  3. A little bit of sunshine does the body good, doesn’t it?

    Get some sleep for me on Mother’s Day! One day I know I will be able to sleep in. WAY DOWN THE ROAD. lol

  4. You deserve to sleep for mother’s day.

    I am so glad to hear more about BigBob and that is home and better.

  5. Gabrielle

    Happy sleeping on Mother’s Day then! LOL Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  6. Rosemarie

    Glad to hear that BigBob is mending.

    Get that needed sleep on Mother’s Day!

    Voice on Miscellaneous Matters

  7. I hope BigBob’s recovery continues to go well.

    I love water aerobics. Sadly, my pool doesn’t offer it though.

  8. Dane Bramage

    I hope BigBob recovers quickly and completely. You sound like you need rest too. Thanks for stopping by my Thursday 13 #41 – The De-motivational Posters edition!

    BTW how do you pronounce “Lodi”? We have one here in Ohio thats “load eye” but people constantly pronounce it “loddy”.

  9. Glad your husband is doing fine. My husband was like him when he had gall bladder problems. He almost waited too long to go to the hospital, and spent 10 days there because of infection.

    Send your gardener to my house! I need some flowers set out and my flower bed cleaned up! We keep the grass cut – I just haven’t bought my flowers and got them planted.

  10. Water aerobics…I really should try that!
    I am glad BigBob came home. IT is hard having someone in the hospital.
    Thanks for coming by my T13.

  11. i wish i could spend mother’s day sleeping…but that will be a busy day for me. happy tt

  12. I remember my dh’s appendix removal, it was scarey. (unfortunately it came at a time when I hoped he would die, but thats another story, hehe)
    I hate seeing my big strong protector laid flat in pain. Glad yours is getting better and responding to the meds.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  13. Sword Girl

    Hope that you get lots and lots of rest! Nice to meet you! 😀

  14. Nancy J. Bond

    I detest grocery shopping as well, and a long sleep seems like the perfect way to spend Mother’s Day — I hope you have a happy day. Thanks for your visit!

  15. A little late with the comments this week, but better late than never … lol! Hope you are having a nice weekend .. 🙂 Cheers from Toronto!

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