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Christine posted this:

This meme has been making the rounds on several of the websites I visited, so I decided to play along. We’ve all used Google to see what our alter egos are up too.

For this version, you plug in your name in the search bar along with “needs” and then post your results.

If you decide to play, post a comment with a link to your results.

Here are mine:

Janie needs to make an appointment at the doctor and explain her symptoms to him.

Sounds serious.

Janie needs a gun.

Uh oh. Sounds like the news from the doctor was not so good.

Janie needs to learn to show her womanhood.

To whom?

Fortunately, all Janie needs is love. He doesn’t want to use her as a mule, or as an ornament, or as anything but a person to love.

That’s a relief.

Janie needs better shoes, but these things are fixable.


Janie needs a place to stay because her boyfriend just ended up in jail and she has no place to go.

Between this and the doctor’s report, sounds like I’m in big trouble!

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  1. Christine

    Thanks for the shout out! I couldn’t remember where I’d seen the google meme from, so couldn’t give credit.

    These are hilarious – I especially like the commentary that you give to counterbalance what you discovered. . .

    Thanks, for reading my webposts this afternoon and for commenting. Very much appreciated.

    Talk soon, XINE

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