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I have had some collaborative experiences recently that have made me think anew about having one’s writing critiqued and edited, and how it can be a highly beneficial, albeit painful, experience.

As you know, I’m a lawyer so it goes without saying that I have a very large ego. I’m also a musician and performer, so that makes me a “triple threat” in the “I have complete confidence in my abilities” department. I readily admit that, at this point in my life, I have developed a skill set and identity. I pretty much know what things I am really good at doing, the areas in which I have only mediocre abilities, and what “zones” to avoid altogether because I am totally incompetent in them.

Writing is one area where I have a lot of confidence. But only as to certain styles or genres. I do not write fiction, for instance. Recently, someone tried to convince me that, because I am somewhat accomplished in other arenas, writing fiction would be a “snap” so I should really pursue it. I just laughed . . . I know that I have absolutely no talent for writing fiction and, therefore, am quite content to read fictional works written by other folks who do.

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