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What is your favorite kind of bread?

San Francisco sourdough. There’s nothing in this world like it.


When was the last time you bought a new pillow?

One month ago.


Approximately how many hours per week do you spend surfing the ‘net?

I’m not going there.

Main Course

What’s the highest you remember your temperature being?

I don’t remember ever having a high fever. Maybe in the 100 – 101 range?


Fill in the blanks: When I ____________, I _____________.

When I first listened to the tape of Alex Baldwin berating his daughter. I thought it was a comedy bit. Sadly, it  was not.


  1. Alec Baldwin definitely has issues. Seriously should seek therapy.

  2. I agree, what a jerk, I can’t believe he said those things.

  3. Joseph C. Harris

    The Alec Baldwin thing blew my mind too. Thanks for visiting my feast.

  4. alisonwonderland

    I’m not going there.

    i’m smiling at that! :o)

  5. nichole m

    If he would go, I would gladly pay for a one-way ticket to some secluded island for Mr. Baldwin.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Christine

    There is nothing that compares to true freshly baked out of the oven San Franscio sourdough bread with lots of butter.
    As far as Alex Baldwin is concearned I’ve never liked him.

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