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This Week’s Theme: Clean
This is a photo of Sanford Levine, MBD* of the Carnegie Deli, situated at 854 Seventh Ave. (at 55th Street), New York City, telling a guest that if he cleans his plate, the next sandwich is on the house.

Note the poor kid has his hand over his mouth and is laughing with his friends in shock at the thought . . .

. . . because this is the sandwich Mr. Levine is referring to!

Here’s another example. I snapped this photo of another sandwich sitting atop the counter just before the waiter picked it up to deliver to the customer.

My friend, Barb the Band Groupie, with Mr. Levine.

*Married the Boss’s Daughter


  1. I’m going to have to watch The Sopranos when I eventually have TV again. I’ve heard a lot about it, but have never watched it.

    Nice blog.

    ~Sandy G.

  2. Wow.. That’s a lot to ‘CLEAN’!!! 🙂 Yum~~~

  3. That’s an amazing sandwich! Not a chance of a clean plate, I would think – but a good challenge to have.

  4. what a HUGE sandwich!!! this is a cool interpretation of the theme…great pics!

  5. Oh my, that’s a tall order, Mr Levine! I am always obsessed with cleaning up my plate… but i don’t know if i can clean up that big a plate! LOL

  6. Imma ( Alice)

    I bet most people don’t clean that all up… haha. My clean post is up too.

  7. Dragonheart

    That is a HUGE sandwich! I bet two people could easily share that! I can’t imagine cleaning your plate with a sandwich that size!

  8. Clean the plate with all that food?!? Yikes! Love the take you have on the theme! Very clever 🙂

  9. ChupieandJ'smama

    That is one heck of a sandwich! I can see why the boy is laughing. I think my husband would try and finish it just to get the free one, but I doubt even he could eat a second. That’s amazing. I bet that’s one of the best sandwiches though. Looks yummy! Happy Easter!!!

  10. Barbara H.

    Oh, my, that’s a humongous sandwich! I wonder how many people ever have clean plates there! I always like having leftovers to take home for later, though.

  11. Heart of Rachel

    Wow, that’s a huge sandwich, good enough for a couple of persons. It looks delicious!

    Thanks for visiting my photo hunt. Take care!

  12. Indiana Amy

    Perfect photo for the theme, and great story to go along with it!

  13. I think it would take me a few visits to clean my plate with that HUGE sammich!

  14. It looks amazing! But it looks like it could feed a family of ten!! Ha!

    Thanx for stopping by mine 🙂

  15. Anonymous

    I LOVE the Sopranos ! I wish it went for another season, and another, and another… Oh well. I think Carmella oughta whack Tony when she finds out that he had Arianna killed… And then take over the family herself… Maybe marry Johhny Sachs after he surpise divorces his wife after he get out of prison early, for, uh, good behavior…

    Loving Annie

    sorry I had to do it this way — google isn’t letting me publish this with my usual teacup/link…

  16. Lauren S.

    Great idea for the theme! I guess that would be hard to clean!

  17. Bongga Mom

    I love your original take on the “clean” theme! The sandwich looks good too, can I help finish it?

  18. Expat Traveler

    wow – now that is just one crazy sandwich!!! thanks for visiting.

  19. Oh! I have been to that deli and ALL their sandwiches are like that.. enough for two meals. My daughter was nine and we got her a bologna sandwich and had to take some of the meat off so she could get it in her mouth…. a true Dagwood… no way to clean your plate.

  20. Vader's Mom

    Wonderful take on the theme!

    I have no hope of finishing that, but I would love to see my husband give it a shot!!

  21. Oh my God, my arteries are clogging just looking at it! Great pictures!
    I played too 🙂

  22. OMG! Did he eat it? I felt miserable just looking at it! Happy Easter!

  23. PastorMac's Ann

    Oh my dear, that is an amazing sandwich. You’d have to be pretty hungry to clean your plate!

    Nice choice for the clean theme this week.

  24. LoveMyStarr

    Great take on the theme!! That is a HUGE sandwich, and it looks soooo good!!

  25. Are there people who actually finish their sandwiches? That could feed me for a week!

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