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Going Cold Turkey (Part Two): I DID IT!

Oh, you’re a cynical bunch! You thought, after reading my entry last Saturday, that I would not be able to survive for a whole week in New York City without the Internet.

I did.

And quite nicely, too.

To Therapy Doc who opined, “right, like you’ll last,” I confess that I did visit the hotel’s Business Center a couple of times for the purpose of checking on my flight, printing my boarding pass, and perusing menus. All of which were valid reasons for logging on.

First of all, as you travelers know, a preprinted boarding pass save you a lot of time at the airport. You can just check your luggage with the Skycap and proceed to the security line which is what we did both when departing and returning. Additionally, I needed to make sure that the restaurants we selected for dinner offered choices that were consistent with dietary restrictions and considerations.

To be honest, I was appalled to find myself paying $8.95 for a lousy 20 minutes of access. So all I really had time to do was the above, plus skim the online version of my local newspaper for any interesting headlines (or obituaries) and open a couple of e-mails. That was it. Before I knew it, those 20 minutes had flown by.

So as far as I’m concerned, that constitutes a week of no Internet. Or as close to it as I plan to ever come.

Did I miss it? No. I really didn’t have time to miss it. We were sightseeing machines, determined to pack as much fun into each day as possible. So we were out of our hotel rooms by 8:00 or 9:00 a.m. each day, en route to a new adventure. We generally returned in the afternoon to change and perhaps grab a short nap, and were out again every evening until midnight or so. So I didn’t have time to think about blogging or writing. I didn’t even take notes to refer to later. I took a lot of photos, though, which remind me of the things I saw and how I felt about them. They will serve as inspiration.

Of course, it has taken me the better part of this morning to slog through all of my e-mail.

So how do I feel about having spent a week without a computer? Just fine. As I said above, I did not miss it. I might have felt differently if I hadn’t been busy virtually every minute of every day. Had this been a leisurely, quiet vacation spent in a hotel on a beach somewhere, I might have found myself wishing I could log on, but I truly had no urge to do so and, to be totally honest, would not even have ventured into the Business Center had I not had a couple of very specific purposes in doing so.

I did some reading, notably Sidney Poitier’s “Measure of a Man” which I highly recommend. Coincidentally, when I returned to my hotel room the other evening, the Oprah episode on which he was a guest was being rerun, so I stayed up to watch. He is a fascinating, articulate gentleman who quietly exudes self-confidence, dignity and a commitment to excellence and authenticity.

So now it is back to reality. Only time will tell if my self-imposed exile from writing and reading others’ blogs will improve my future efforts.

Originally published at Write Stuff.

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