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Blog Your Blessings Sunday Wednesday

I am late! However, there are good reasons for my tardiness:

First of all, I am blessed with music in my life. Lots of music. Lots of difficult music which I have been practicing like crazy since we are now one week away from our Carnegie Hall performance! Our final rehearsal went very well last night!

Also, I had my check-up with my retinal surgeon yesterday and he has cleared my retinas for take-off to New York City on Wednesday. He said I am doing fine and directed me to come back in six months for my next check-up.

Most importantly, my sister got the results from a post-treatment scan and has been declared cancer-free! They found no cancer cells anywhere! That is a HUGE blessing. She is planning to return to work on Monday.

Those are all blessings worthy of a tardy blog entry!

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Blog Your Blessings

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  1. Loving Annie

    Three wonderful blessings indeed, Janie ! Very happy for you,for your music, your eyes, and your sister ! Happy Wednesday !

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