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This Week’s Theme: Drink

My parents, Kenny & Ethel, enjoyed a champagne toast at their 50th Wedding Anniversary party on March 17, 1991.They were married on March 18, 1941 at Pleasant Valley Lutheran Church in Kidder, South Dakota.

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  1. Biker Betty

    Great photo for this weekend. I hope my husband and I look that well on our 50th. Have a great weekend.

  2. 50 years, that’s so awesome. One day I’ll celebrate my 50 years… I’m only on 13 now.

    Lovely photo to cherish!

  3. wow!50YRS…cheers to that!!!

    great choice & happy hunting!!!

  4. Loving Annie

    Wonderful photo ! how nice to be together and looking so happy and well after 50 years !

  5. My parents had their 50th in 2001. A milestone to be cherished, too few marriages make it to this mark.

    I couldn’t get to the Mr. Widget thing.. banners in the way.

  6. So may marriages don’t ever make it to 50 years anymore – it’s great to see those that did!

    Couldn’t get to Mr. Linky either, there were some banners in the way.

  7. Barbara H.

    Me too on the Mr. Linky thing — an annoying ad was right at the place to input the url.

    Sweet picture of your folks!

  8. I really hope I look that good after 50 years, especially since we’re only on our 2nd year coming up. we’re still the newlyweds. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. A great photo and a wonderful memory to go with it.

  10. That is a wonderful and happy picture to commemorate a wonderful and happy occasion!

  11. Congratulations to them!

    I think you might want to check what you wrote tho “They were married on March 18, 1041”

    Wishing you and them happy days ahead

  12. How awesome that you gone from a family with strong marriages! That’s the best thing a parent can do for their children!

  13. FamilySnows

    Great picture! Very sweet, what a wonderful and happy occasion!

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