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For today’s Sound Byte, I decided to share a clip with you from my all-time favorite storyline on “One Life to Live.”

In this clip from the Buchanan City 1888 story, Clint Buchanan, portrayed by my very dear friend, Clint Ritchie, begins to realize that he has truly stepped 100 years back in time.

This was also Clint Ritchie’s favorite storyline because it gave him a chance to do what he loves most: Be outdoors with his beloved horses. He transported six of his own horses from his Happy Horse Ranch (note that the show gave his character’s ranch the same name as Clint’s real 60-acre spread here in Northern California) to the Arizona set and can be seen riding at least two of them in various scenes.

Clint retired after playing Clint Buchanan for 20 years, coming home to the ranch permanently in December 1998. He returned to New York and reprised his role several times over the course of the next few years.

You can enjoy more clips on You Tube or The Official Clint Ritchie Page.

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