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This Week’s Theme: Architecture

Do you see me waving to you from the large living room window? That’s where I’m writing this from!

This photo was taken in 1963.

Note that the hedge was just growing in, the roses are right there by the front step and we had a t.v. antenna on the roof!


  1. *waves back*

    I wasn’t around in 63 but I so remember those antennas!

  2. Biker Betty

    That is very neat. Yes, I see you waving, lol. Have a great weekend.

  3. And what is that other tower.. could it be a ham radio antenna? My ex was a ham and he had this monster fifty foot tower next to our house in Oklahoma… but it was better than the fifteen foot one I saw on his dad’s car. I do remember tv antennas and black and white console floor TV’s and RinTinTin and even The Lone Ranger.

  4. Bongga Mom

    Looking at this photo just makes me want to ask all kinds of questions, like have you lived in this house all this time? What does it look like now? Is that your childhood home? Very thought-provoking for me!

  5. Yes, that does look the houses that I remember from my time in Stockton! Would love to see it in color.

  6. wow, I wish I had pictures from when I was a kid. Well, i have some, but not too many that are in as good as shape as this picture.


  7. reminds me of my inlaw’s place…they have ranch type too! i guess that was popular back then…i like it!

  8. I am someone who has had a totally nomadic life and never lived in one place for more than 7 years (and that was a record!) so I am really fascinated to see the house where you live and have lived all your life!

  9. Dragonheart

    Terrific photo from your childhood. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Yes, there you are! I’m in the brick ranch with the latest avocado green carpeting in the cul-de-sac around the corner:)

  11. Imma ( Alice)

    Waving back at you. That’s a great photo for this theme, and pretty incredible that you still live in this home.

    My first Photo Hunters post is up on my blog.

  12. Nope, can’t quite see you but then again, I think I’m legally blind.

    I bet you had a great childhood there!

  13. Incog & Nito

    A great picture. Reminds me of my grandmothers house. Even on opposite sides of the world and all those years ago, architecture is still similar. Happy weekend.

  14. Sunflower

    I wasn’t around in 1963 ๐Ÿ™‚

    It it nice to see old photos of your own home.

    Have a nice weekend!

    I will Exercise for Comments!

  15. Your photo brings back so many memories of then. My husband grew up in a house just like that!

  16. Love the blog, if i may ask, what software are you using? how much does it cost? where do you get it? If it’s not a secret email me some details wouldya?

    thanks in advance!

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