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This week’s theme: Soft

“Mom, do you see the resemblance?”

I had to snap this photo when Matthew grabbed Sophie and asked me that question. This kid comes home from school, says hello to and plays with the dogs and then thinks to say “hi” to his mother. He walks around the house like this with Sophie quite often and, from her vantage point, she surveys her kingdom.She is soft — warm and cuddly. And this picture touches a soft spot in my heart because it is a typical moment in the life of my Mattie-Boo, my little soft-hearted boy. (OK, he’s not so little any more . . . I know that, believe me, but he’ll always be my little Boo.)



    With such an adorable pet and cuddly at that, I would be maybe holding him the whole day too.
    Thanks for the visit.

  2. What a perfect picture!

    I agree with Friday’s Child – I’d be holding Sophie all day long too 🙂 We have a Great Dane pup, and at just over 3 months old my days of holding him are over. He’s too heavy already!

  3. Wonderful photo. 🙂 Sophie looks very soft and cute. 🙂

  4. Heart of Rachel

    A lovely photo of two beings with their own special soft spots in your heart. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Hootin'Anni


    My SOFT bunny is posted for this week.

  6. The funny thing is, I do see the resemblance because they both have beautiful soft brown eyes!

  7. Christina

    What a sweet doggie! I don’t think I’d want to put her down!

  8. Irish Church Lady :)

    Teens always relate to pets well. I think that teenage years without a pet must be pretty rough. What am I saying? Life without a pet would be pretty rough! he he

  9. Well, there is a bit of resemblence about the eyes! LOL

    You wrote a wonderful loving story. No wonder Boo is a great kid!

  10. What a cute dog! Shes so fluffy you just know that she has to soft! MIne’s up!

  11. Incog & Nito

    A beautiful photo. And it doesn’t matter how big your children get they are still your ‘babies’. Happy weekend.

  12. Aww, he is adorable. I hope that your weekend is going well?

  13. They are quite the duo.
    Lucky you.
    Thanks for checking out my Scribble!
    Have a peaceful Sunday.

  14. Hi… visiting from Island Girl’s… and I’ll be back 🙂 Happy Weekend.

  15. Nice looking dog, I’ll take your workd for it about his softness.

  16. I think the photographer counts as the third soft in this photo for the soft feelings they are feeling!

    Our son is 29 now and I still remember fondly a day in a grocery store parking lot when we walked hand in hand into the store at 12 years old. . . before he went through the ‘cool’ stage.

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