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I am grateful every day for both of my kids, but today I’m focusing on my Mattie-Boo.

First of all, it seems that he has a secret admirer. The other day, I was in the living room gathering up my flute and music to go to my lesson. I was not yet fully dressed and, naturally, the doorbell rang. Drat! I scrambled around quickly to get presentable and breathlessly opened the door to find that there was no one there. (Don’t you hate that?)

As I was closing the door, something pink caught my eye. I looked down on the welcome mat and there was a card.

Why are you not seeing it here? Well, I asked him to let me scan it, but the response was an emphatic, “NO, Mom,” with a very disgusted tone that said, “My mother is such a dork.” I asked him why I couldn’t just scan it to send to his godmothers because it was so cute, but he was having none of it. And, in fact, his godmothers lectured me for even asking. As Rob put it, “Oh, Janie, how could you? BAD mother. BAD.” Jeez . . . ok, already!

Anyway, it was made of pink construction paper folded in half. The front was decorated with the traditional hearts in a variety of colors. Inside, the inscription read:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Bet you didn’t know
That I’m sweet on you.

And it was signed, “Your Secret Admirer.”

He swears he doesn’t know who delivered it. If he does, I’m having no luck prying the information loose. There is one girl at his school, though, who definitely likes him. It might have been her.

The other thing that happened this week is we received Matthew’s report card for the first semester of his first year in high school. Matthew has always been a great student. But this is the first time he has ever gotten ALL A’s (with a couple of A-‘s but in this house those count as A’s). Woohoo! Way to go, Matthew!

It’s weeks like this that remind me of what BigBob said when I discovered I was pregnant, even though the plan was to only have one child: “Well, God had a better idea.” The Divine Creator certainly knows what is best for us, even though sometimes it may not feel that way. Matthew was most assuredly meant to be part of our family and an ongoing blessing to his parents. I just couldn’t imagine life without my “Little Mattie-Boo.”


  1. alisonwonderland

    I’m visitng from the Carnival of Family Life! (Thanks for hosting!)

    What a great son and blessing in your life!

  2. alisonwonderland

    P.S. I “signed in” with Mr. Linky by habit, but I didn’t participate in Blog Your Blessings Sunday. (But I will someday!) Sorry. :o(

  3. You have truly been blessed. He is a nice looking young man and smart too. What a sweet post now go snoop in his room for notes. muhahahaha

  4. Aww! A secret admirer! Congrats on the A’s, you have to love that.

    Thanks for hosting the CFL, you did a wonderful job! :O)

  5. Very cool and very worthy of mention. Congrats to your wonderful son!!

    Holly’s Corner
    Here via the Carnvial of Family Life ;o)

  6. Pass The Torch

    What a great post. It sounds like you really celebrate the positive in your kids.

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