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1. alisonwonderland presents Sugar Bear’s World posted at “We’re all mad here,” said the Cheshire Cat to Alice.

2. NCN presents Kids And Money posted at No Credit Needed Blog.

3. Dr. Hal presents To Be a Good Friend posted at North Star Mental Fitness Blog.

4. supermom_in_ny presents What’s a Blogger? posted at Getting Out of Debt.

5. Lori presents Decorate the House for Valentines Day with this Craft from Recycled Materials posted at Fun Play Dates.

6. mom & dad present Five-Year-Old Birthday Party Disappointment posted at raising4boys.com.

7. Super Saver presents Investing 529 Plan Contributions posted at My Wealth Builder.

8. Karen Shanley presents Best Part posted at Author, Mom, Dog Nut.

9. The Positivity Blog presents Take the Positivity Challenge! posted at Personal Development with The Positivity Blog.

10. Mary (mert) presents Casualties of war… posted at Almost Somewhat Positive.

11. LocalGirl presents Short, Fat, & Big-Headed posted at Local Girl.

12. Stephanie presents Oh, my mistake! posted at Adventures in the 100 Acre Wood.

13. Amy Allen Clark presents What is this Secret? posted at Mom Advice: Insight to Empower.

14. Lisa Mitchell presents Fringe Benefits of Pregnancy posted at Let’s Talk Babies.

15. Miscellaneous Mum presents How to encourage drawing with (you and) your kids posted at Miscellanous Adventures of an Aussie Mum.

16. Karen Lynch presents Working Moms posted at Live The Power.

17. beagoodmom presents Preschooler to Adult Dictionary posted at Be a Good Dad.

18. Holly presents The Basics posted at Holly’s Corner Blog.

19. Kerri Aldrich presents Arts and Crafts Themed Birthday Party posted at Play Library.

20. Kate presents The Woolen Tights Police posted at Babylune.

21. Sheila Scarborough presents Survivor’s guide to Walt Disney World: Intro posted at Family Travel.

22. Chris Dolley presents A Kitten’s Guide to Looking After Your Human posted at Chris Dolley’s Page.

23. Erica Douglas presents Ceramic Centre: Hand Print Coasters posted at Littlemummy.Com.

24. Patricia presents SWOT Your Life To Success posted at A Better You Blog.

25. Kelly presents Spelling Test at Pass the Torch.

26. Suldog presents Solomon The Milkman posted at Suldog-O-Rama.

27. laura presents love does not hear posted at Adventures in Juggling.

28. Jennifer Remeta presents Toddler Separation Anxiety posted at Parenting Toddlers.

29. julie presents Bonding With Your Kids Through Arts And Crafts posted at Parenting, Family, Pregnancy, Education and Child Safety.

30. Anne-Marie Nichols presents Maricar helps you Keep Your Castle posted at A Mama’s Rant.

31. Lisa Lamb presents Show and Tell posted at The Loony Bin: Outrageous but True.

32. Maureen presents Raspberry-Cinnamon French Toast Bake posted at Trinity Prep School.

33. Linda Freedman (TherapyDoc) presents Exercise Jones posted at Everyone needs therapy? Lessons from a family therapist.

34. The Rocketman presents Precious Declaration posted at The Rocketman’s Change For A Dollar.

35. Laurie Bluedorn presents Free On-Line Audio Books posted at Trivium Pursuit.

36. Madeleine Begun Kane presents Practice, Practice, Practice posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.

37. lily presents Moms Want to Work from Home posted at Montreal Mommy Blog.

38. Barb presents The Secret to Keeping Your CDs Scratch-Free posted at Great Family Gadgets.

39. J. J. Lynn presents Renal Failure is Not a Death Sentence posted at Life with chronic renal failure.

40. And finally, my contribution expressing my gratitude for my youngest son can be read immediately below.

THANK YOU” to all of you who participated in this week’s Carnival!

Having read each and every submission in its entirety, I can attest that a fantastic group of writers have been assembled here and encourage you to spend some time perusing their entries and leaving comments, encouraging their efforts.

The next edition of the will be hosted by Island Girl on her site. You can submit your post using the carnival submission form. Remember that entries are due by Saturday evening at midnight Hawaii time.

Carnival of Family Life


  1. local girl

    Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with the Carnival! I am very impressed! Let me know if you’d like to host again some time!

  2. Great Job on this week’s Carnival of Family Life!

  3. Great job on the carnival. There are so many submissions, I can’t wait to read them all. Thanks for including me.

  4. Thank you so much for including us in the carnival!!

  5. Mimi Lenox

    Great carnival. I’ve started a new site called Carnival Central. Just like Book Meme Central, Movie Meme Central, etc …..I’ll post a link to all the carnivals I find on this one main site.
    If you have other carnival posts I’d love to include them.

  6. Pass The Torch

    I commented here yesterday, but Blogger eats anything I type:(

    Great list and well done!

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