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Thirteen Things I Love About Water Aerobics

1. I can exercise strenuously and work up a good sweat, but I don’t care. I just splash some water on my forehead and keep going. That’s why water aerobics is the perfect form of exercise for me. I hate to sweat. Ever. Anywhere. For any reason.

2. The wonderful women who also attend class regularly are friendly, chatty, and always make me laugh. They always have great stories to share. And if I miss class, they notice and ask me where I’ve been.

3. Being in the outdoor pool when the weather permits feels great. I’ve always loved to swim and hang out by the pool. That was the one thing I hated about selling my house and moving into my parents’ home — I had to give up the pool. Going to the pool at the club is the next best thing.

4. Water aerobics is a low impact sport because the buoyancy of the water cushions the impact. So it is safe for me, despite my history of retinal detachments.

5. Since I’ve been going to classes again, my asthma has really improved. I’m still using my inhaler before I get in the pool (as the doctor instructed me), but wondering if I really need it. I am going to try to wean myself off Albuterol.

6. For the most part, men don’t attend water aerobics classes so all of the really buff guys don’t come into the pool when we’re there. When I was younger, this would have been a much more important consideration than it is now, but it is still nice not to have to worry about who is watching you jump around in a bathing suit.

7. Water aerobics is a workout for your whole body — cardiovascular, legs, arms, stomach, rear . . . So you don’t have to feel like you are emphasizing one part of your body and then go engage in some other kind of exercise to compensate for a part of your body.

8. There are lots of different kinds of movement that are very effective, so it is not boring. Jumping jacks, cross-country, bunny hop, frog jump, rocking horse, etc. and several variations of each are just some of the different moves. I like doing intervals, especially without touching the bottom of the pool (more strenuous).

9. What I love most is getting my weights and just jogging like crazy. It feels great to get my heart pumping.

10. You can adjust the level of intensity, depending upon your condition and endurance. Unlike some sports, you can start out slow and gradually increase the difficulty.

11. There are plenty of ways to make it more and more challenging. My favorite instructor is talking about adding a treading class. Yes, as I understand it, the whole hour would be spent treading water and combining that with other movement.

12. I always use the webbed gloves (for more resistance) and heavy barbells, but I’m going to order some ankle weights to take the intensity to another level by power walking in the water.

13. The new bathing suit that I bought right after Christmas (a size smaller than my previous suit) is already too big. I am going to have to buy another one soon. And I also have to start digging in the back of the closet to see how many smaller-sized clothes I kept that are still in style. It’s too soon to shop for my trip to New York City and new “concert black” for our performance at Carnegie Hall, as you can see from the ticker that I moved to the top of the page today! But BigBob says my pants are making me look like Urkel! I don’t think that’s very nice, do you? Must have been the fact that I had on one pair that is so big, I tucked the waistband up under my bra strap to keep from having a really serious case of “baggy butt.”

BONUS ITEM: There will be no need for BigBob to buy me any chocolate this Valentine’s Day! I’m not about to go to water aerobics several times per week and then undo the benefits by pigging out on junk food or candy!

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  1. I am lucky my fitness club is nearly across the street, so I go for swimming everyday and acquagym we do twice a week. I agree with you it’s great !

  2. Dangerously Simple

    I just joined a gym this week… I’m gonna go check out the water aerobics they have there as soon as I can ๐Ÿ™‚ I love that it’s low impact, but I don’t wanna get stuck in a group full of senior citizens either. I just ordered a new suit onlined, as soon as it comes in, I’m going!!

    Congrats on the weightloss!!

    Happy T13


    That would be fun. Water aerobics but then pools around here so much far from where I live, I mean the good ones.
    Thanks for the visit.

  4. Crazy Working Mom

    I joined Curves in January of last year. I love it. But, I bet water aerobicx is great fun! I love the water. I love your bonus item too…makes perfect sense. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Sounds like an asesome class. My sister in law keeps trying to get me to join one of those with her.

  6. Fighting Angels

    what a great idea for a 13! Maybe it will motivate someone to take up something healthy!!

  7. Buttercup

    Sounds like a fun and productive class. Thanks for visiting my TT!

  8. #13 is an awesome benefit and i would love it too for that!
    thanks for visiting my tt neighbor…hey, want to sign on with teamdaniel?
    have agreat thursday.

  9. GreenEyedGirl

    Sounds like I am going to have to try water aerobics!
    Keep it up!!

  10. I agree with you 100 %! Right now I’m in an aquaspinning class, sometimes I do aquajogging or aquarobics.
    Thanks for visiting my TT about support!

  11. HighlandAmy

    RE: #5 – I have asthsma too, and after starting to swim more regularly, I found I didn’t need my meds any more. Not that I’m saying you should stop taking yours, just that it’s possible to make yourself better ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Happy TT!

  12. Sounds like water aerobics really are a great way to fit. Congratulations on doing so well with it!

  13. Cherry Red

    Wow! Now I want to try water aerobics. You;’ve made a very strong case in its favor. ๐Ÿ™‚ Congrats on getting fit and losing weight. And thanks for stopping my my blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Christine

    Good Morning and Happy TT! I love the feeling of clothes getting too big. Of course, I’ve never had that happen with a swim suit. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading more next Thursday. Xine

  15. Great list! That sounds like fun…I get tired of the bike and the treadmill sometimes. I might check that out! Happy Thursday and thanks for visiting!

  16. when i was a kid, in school they taught us what to do if we fell off a boat into the sea. i am therefore quite good at treading water. it is my favourite form of exercise, because i find it relaxing, yet energising.

    thanks for stopping by, & happy tt

  17. A friend of mine with severe joint issues has been doing water aerobics and love it. Great info, thanks!

    Swing by my TT if you get a chance.

  18. YoungMommy

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my TT!
    Congrats on the “too-big suit” – Sounds like you are doing wonderfully with the water arobics!
    Happy Thursday!

  19. Congratulations on the too big clothes and getting healthy! I think water aerobics is great, too!

  20. I have done aerobics but I have never tried Water Aerobics. It sounds like fun.

  21. Elizabeth

    That sounds great! in a nice warm indoor pool, on a cold winter day. Wish I could join your class!

  22. That sounds like fun!
    Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
    Thank you for your visit to mine.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Happy TT’ing!
    (“)_ (“)ล 

  23. Thanks for stopping by my TT on the color red! My husband is an attorney as well! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love your topic! I joined the Y in August and am thinking of signing up for a water aerobics class next time around.

  24. Dane Bramage

    People getting healthy is always a good thing. I am jealous (as I put away the pringles). I tried Water Polo but the horses kept drowning. [rim shot] thank you you’ve been a great audience. And thanks for stopping by my Thursday 13!

  25. I wholeheartedly agree with number one, so I think I’d enjoy water aerobics myself. Congratulations on doing so well!

    Thanks for dropping by earlier today!

  26. Lexa Rosรฉan

    sounds like a great way to exercise. I’m thinking of joining the Y just for the pool. thanks for visiting my blog The Witch Dr is IN

  27. I am not much of a water person myself but I go regularly to the gym for some exercise. Glad you enjoy your water aerobics. Happy TT!

  28. what a great list! I love the water and wish I could participate in something like your class. Lung issues preclude that possibility, however, so I just have to content myself with easy walking. Congrats on the weight loss too!

    Thanks for stopping by. ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Proverbs31

    These are all really great points! Inspires me to want to do water aerobics again. It has been YEARS since I’ve taken a class, and I loved it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!

  30. That sounds like a great workout. I’m actually going to my first-ever spa getaway in a few weeks (husband’s 40th birthday) and I saw they offer it there. I can’t wait to try it after reading your post.

    A belated Happy TT coming at you from Israel,


  31. I used to love those classes!

    Mine’s up too ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Kukka-Maria

    See? Now I was with you until the very end. I think working your tail off at water aerobics ALLOWS you to eat chocolate without guilt.

    Think about it…

    Thanks for stopping by my T13. I appreciated your visit and warm comment!

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