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I’ve decided to participate in this new weekly meme, a great opportunity to share some music and clips with you.

I’m going to start off with a number from the Stockton Concert Band’s June 2005 trip to Hawaii. In this clip, you can see us performing in the band shell on the beach in Honolulu. This number is “Harlem Nocturne.” (I am sitting second from the right in the back row on the right side of the screen.) The whole band did not make the trip; we had about 35 musicians playing.

This is the same group with which I am traveling to New York City on March 25, 2007. We will have 110 musicians performing at Carnegie Hall on March 28, 2007. Called the Delta Winds, we will also have a few members of the Lodi Community Band (of which I am also a member), Brentwood Community Band, and some high school students who successfully auditioned playing with us.

Note: This is not a professionally produced video! I filmed this with my little Sony camcorder sitting on the tripod and have not edited or enhanced it in any way.


  1. alisonwonderland

    Fabulous Sound Byte Saturday! Have a great time at Carnegie Hall!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Very cool, and pretty, you guys sound awesome! I bet you are so excited about playing at Carnegie Hall! Thanks for playing SBS, I have been having a lot of fun so far. i hope you play again :O)

    BTW, I used to live in Hayward, Treasure Island (I was in the Navy 88-92), Oakland, and back to Hayward… I worked at San Leandro Hospital for 9 years as an LPN. :O)

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