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  1. Nice shot of the beach. You are either waiting for summer or there is history behind this photo you are just aching to share.

  2. Christine

    I am really looking forward to Summer. If that is a beach in Hawaii, I would love to be there right now!

    Happy WW!

  3. Oooohhh… I want to go there! I want to sit in one of the green spots on the rock and listen to the waves and smell the warm breeze…

    Thank you for visiting me and taking time to leave your kind and wise words.

  4. Beautiful, I’d love to be somewhere like that at the moment 🙂 Looks so inviting. Great picture.

  5. Dragonheart

    Beautiful! That’s a gorgeous shot of a beach. It looks nice and warm there. 🙂

  6. Calgon, take me away. I’ve had enough winter already, and it isn’t even February.

  7. Write From Karen

    Okay Janie, you’ve convinced me – we need a vacation. lol

    I’m packing as I’m typing this.

    (BTW, LOVE the new background!)

  8. If only I could be there instead of here with this awful, cold, snow. Yuck!

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  9. ChupieandJ'smama

    Stunning picture! I wish I were there. We have over around 2 feet of snow and it’s 17 degrees. I could use some warm weather.

  10. The problem with wordless is we don’t know where this is. I’ll go there regardless. It is 13 degrees here and that is Farenheit.

  11. Kim Priestap

    What a wonderful photo! If I close my eyes, I can smell the salt in the air and feel the sun on my face.

    For those who haven’t yet stopped by, my WW is up too.

  12. I would rather be there than here in the freezing cold. Makes me feel warmer.

  13. I could so do with being somewhere like this right now.

  14. beautiful shot. but then again, most things baout Hawaii are beautiful

  15. I’d recognize that volcanic rock anywhere. The rock at the end of the cove looks like a lion sleeping. Hawaii is beautiful.

  16. Gorgeous! That looks like a beach in Hawai’i. Is is from your trip there?

    I’m up too.

  17. Hawaii! That’s awesome.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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