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Ten Things I Have a Weakness For

1. All 4 kids

Alas, I’m not good at saying “no” to any of them.

2. Dark chocolate

Just don’t come near me with it. I’m warning you, I cannot eat just one bite. There is no such thing as “just a little taste.” Don’t even think about having those little Hershey’s bite-size dark chocolate candy bars in the building.

3. White chocolate

See above to the nth power.

4. Iced white mochas

I’ve given them up. I’m o.k. as long as I don’t drive by Java Stop. (Forget Starbucks . . . Java Stop is far superior. Locally owned and operated. And they sell bumper stickers saying, “Friends don’t let friends drink Starbucks.” Gotta love a place like that!)

5. Yoplait French vanilla nonfat yogurt

Thank God it’s nonfat.

6. Gandolfini and all things Soprano

Wanna play Sopranos trivial pursuit with me? Fuhgetaboutit! In comparison to mine, your score will be lower than Big Pussy’s current heart rate.

7. My buddy, Clint Ritchie

We have fun . . . and he’s the kind of friend that you know you can call if you ever really need help. This photo was taken in NYC.

8. Janet Evanovich’s series of novels about Stephanie Plum, the bounty hunter

They are hysterically funny. I have actually found myself alone on an airplane, in an airport, in a hotel restaurant, by a hotel pool . . . reading and laughing out loud all by myself . . . I don’t even care who sees me and thinks I’m a lunatic.

9. Lefse

Norwegian flat bread. My mother and grandmother never put potatoes in it — and they swore that nobody in “the old country” put potatoes in it, either. But these days, all the folks in Minnesota and the Dakotas who make and sell it insist on putting in potatoes. Ppppppppffffffffttttttttt. Doesn’t taste like the real deal to me, which is just fine because I shouldn’t be eating it anyway!

10. Six Feet Under

The Sopranos is the best television show ever in the history of television, but Six Feet Under might well be the second-best. If you did not watch the dysfunctional Fisher clan when the show first aired on HBO, get the DVD’s. Warning: Set aside plenty of viewing time because if you have the DVD’s, you won’t be able to stop after watching just one episode.


  1. I love the Stephanie Plum books, too! Different from most of the things I read, but I love them because they just crack me up!

  2. Dark chocolate is very popular around here too–my daughter goes weak in the knees for it.

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