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Wild boys!
That’s my nephew flying Matthew in for the first bite of his birthday cake!


  1. What a great shot! Made me giggle/smile.

    Mine is up too.

  2. Sweet Kitty

    That’s a funny picture!

    My photo is up too. Please stop by my blog and have a look!!

    Have a nice weekend,
    I will exercise for comments!!

  3. Those look like some definitely wild kids! Looks like a great way to eat cake, too!

  4. Hootin'Anni

    How wonderful! Ya know, I’m the kinda gal that would just LOVE this.

    My wild in the desert is posted. Come join in….but keep the bread crumbs in your pocket!!!

  5. Mimi Lenox

    Thanks for your submission to Bestest Blog’s Meme Carnival!
    I have enjoyed reading all the great memes out there in the blogosphere.

    The Carnival will be all day Monday, January 22 at
    Mimi Writes
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  6. Great photo! That must have been one heck of a wild and crazy party! lol

  7. And where would the picture be of the birthday boy’s face… after the first bite of cake?
    Mine is up too.

  8. My picture was a wild human also! 😉

    enjoyed your photo!

  9. Rethabile

    Oh dear, what happened to the cake; or perhaps to Matthews face? Thanks for coming by my place and encouraging me.

  10. I’d do anything for cake!! 🙂

    Mine’s up too 🙂

  11. Very cute! Would’ve loved to have seen that first bite too!!

    franklin foto

  12. Looks like “wild” is up for interpretation in your house! 🙂

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