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Which television shows do you just refuse to miss?

I record most everything for viewing at a convenient time and so that I can fast-forward through commercials. I never miss recording 24, Prison Break, Rescue Me, and Gray’s Anatomy.

There is only one show that I always watch in real time and for which I will clear the calendar, ignore the phone, tell the kids not to bug me, and threaten my husband within an inch of his life if he starts yapping (I hate watching t.v. with him because he talks incessantly), and that program is “The Sopranos.”

It’s the best show ever in the history of television.


Who did you last speak to on the telephone?

Actually, it was my husband making the “what time are you coming home and what do you want for dinner?” call.


How many pillows do you keep on your bed?

I have two: One is meant to be used as back support when you are sitting in your bed reading. I turn it upside down and backwards so that it forms a wedge shape, and then put my regular pillow on top of it. I find that it is just the right angle of slope to help with my acid reflux which was only diagnosed a few months ago in conjunction with the allergy testing I underwent. Thank God for the allergist who knew that most people who have heartburn don’t even know it (I didn’t) and 85% of all people with asthma also have acid reflux. Between the pillow placement and Prilosec OTC I have rediscovered what it is like to get quality, uninterrupted sleep.

Main Course

Name one addition to your computer (software, hardware, etc.) that you’d love to have.

One of my friends keeps bugging me to get a camera, but I tell him, “You don’t need to see this,” because when I come through the door of my house, I start peeling my street clothes off and am always in an oversized t-shirt or nightshirt when I’m at home.


What is your favorite foreign food?

Mexican, of course!


  1. Great list with great answers! YOu have good taste..Hubby is in to some of the shows you like. we are presently getting caught up on Greys Anatomy season 2

  2. Great list. Mexican food is good. 🙂 Happy Friday!

  3. Could there be anything better than 24 (Yes, I know Sopranos but I’ve never seen it!)?!

  4. I love Mexican food too, and for the camera it’s very useful I use it most for my cats and never for me as I am running around like you, lol !

  5. Incog & Nito

    Great feast – thanks for sharing. Happy Weekend.

  6. Smart idea with the pillows! Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  7. You did a wonderful job on your feast!

    Take care,
    My feast is up.

  8. ChupieandJ'smama

    Sorry about #8 on your Mr. Linky, it’s me, chupieandjsmama, but Mr. Linky and ActiveX Control are fighting with me on your site and cut me off. I love your feast though. Mexican food is definately yummy!

  9. My Dad took a few 2×4 blocks and put them under the feet of the headboard. It gave the bed a good angle. I use just a few shims and just the little bit of tilt gives me a good night sleep.
    Great Friday Feast!
    I posted my second one.
    Have a wonderful Weekend!

  10. Great answers!

    I like The Sopranos, too. Unfortunately, in Germany, you’ll get them only on pay-tv 🙁

  11. I put a Mexican food as my favorite, too.

    Enjoyed your feast!

  12. Barbara H.

    24 is one of my favorites, too, and so is Mexican food!

  13. Great feast! I’ve thought about your main course too, but don’t want anyone looking at me.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  14. I haven’t gotten onto Friday Feast yet–I don’t want to overdose on memes so I’ll just comment with no linky.
    I keep hearing about what other bloggers like on TV. I’ve been meaning to check out Grey’s Anatomy and love House. I have netflix now so maybe I’ll check into some season 1 DVD’s. I only saw one or two Sopranos episodes but never got hooked. I also don’t have HBO.

  15. Sweet Kitty

    Thanks for this great feast. I ate myself full.
    My feast is served too. Please stop by my blog and enjoy!

    Happy feasting,
    I will exercise for comments!!

  16. Paperback Writer

    I don’t get HBO, but I’m sure my husband would love to see the next season of the Sopranos!e

  17. Hootin'Anni

    You’ve served a wonderful feast. I’ve enjoyed it all…even going back for 2nds on the dessert!!!!

    Mine’s served.

  18. Buttercup

    I can’t wait for the Sopranos!! I’m so sad it’s going to be over though.

  19. Mmm, Mexican food.

    I enjoyed 24 the few times I watched it. Same for The Sopranos. Every once in a while I do miss TV, just a little bit.

    Happy Friday!

  20. Heart of Rachel

    I’m fond of Grey’s Anatomy. I find it amazing that many of you love Mexican food. I particulary like tacos and burritos in terms of Mexican food but my favorite will always be Japanse.

    Thanks for sharing. Happy weekend. Mine is up too.

  21. Nichole M

    I beg to differ, Counsel. The best tv show in the history of tv is The Simpsons. The Soprano family is second only to the inhabitants of Evergreen Ter, Springfield, USA. 😉 Seriously, though… didn’t they end that show? What happened?

  22. Yummy, mexican sounds good right now! I love the pillow idea!

    Happy FF!

  23. I think Mexican/Tex Mex actually, wins hands down with everyone:-). Great Feast:-).

  24. I love Mexican too. I am intrigued by the Sopranos, but it would cut into blogging time.

  25. A good feast. I like mexican also. It was kinda hard to narrow it down to a favorite food though. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  26. The Sopranos is one of my favorites too. Can’t wait for it to return.

    great feast.

  27. I enjoyed reading your answers. Your enthusiasm for The Sopranos makes me want to pick up the previous seasons at the video store!

    Wonderful feast!

  28. Christine

    Wonderful feast!
    There is nothing like real authentic Mexican food with fresh salsa, homemade tortillas, lots of cheese, and Green chilis.
    Hope you are having a great weekend!
    Thanks for visiting my FF!

  29. Hi,

    Thanks for visiting my FF.

    I would love to try Mexican food.


  30. Billy Cooke

    Mexican food is really tasty, I plan to add a few mexican recipes to my blog when I get a spare moment. I love fahitas (I that how you spell it?) 😛

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