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I knew I would regret buying them cell phones!


  1. Lightseeker

    Great Hunt! Looks like my 2 sons with their cell phones! LOL!

    Mine is up!

  2. Hootin'Anni

    I’m glad at our house it was way before cellphones when our kids were young.

    Mine’s posted.

  3. Runaway Rubber Duckie

    So I guess you have a picture of yourself taking a picture now!

  4. Alot of kids carry cell phone now. When my kids were that age they had beepers. And they thought that was great, till cell phones came out.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. You have to really wonder what the technology of tomorrow will bring that will top cellphones. It’s almost scary!

    Man…I had a beeper too… Wow.

  6. Heart of Rachel

    hehe! Love your entry. It’s amazing how every kid has a cellphone these days. Technology is really reaching out to all age brackets.

  7. I have a love/hate relationship with my cell phone. I think if I still had kids at home, I’d buy those pay-as-you-go phones.
    Thanks for visiting my PH 🙂

  8. Tracie B.

    you should the the italian teenagers with cell phones. nothing faster than one of their little thumbs typing a text!

  9. That’s funny! I think my mom regrets buying me one, too!

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