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I resumed attending water aerobics classes. It has been awhile since I’ve been able to go due to a combination of factors, including medical issues and scheduling conflicts. I love being back in the water bopping around . . . it felt good to be moving and not sweating (or at least not knowing when I am).

But I have the big ouch in my muscles tonight. My legs and arms are talking to me, saying, “What the . . . ?”

I know from past experience that this shall pass quickly and I will be feeling better and better as I maintain a regular routine of classes. I also know that I will reach the point where just the classes won’t be enough and I will have to incorporate other activities such as weight lifting (will have to talk to my retinal surgeon about that first, though, and make sure I stay within the limits he suggests), bike riding, etc. I’m thinking very seriously about buying a new bike . . . I love to go bike riding around town, although this is obviously the wrong season to be making the purchase. It would be wiser to wait until spring when the days are getting longer rather than shorter. I’m not even sure what kind to buy. Will have to ask around for some recommendations.

Anyway . . . for now, attending classes several times per week is enough.

And I’m going to go collapse.

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