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Detroit crime reporter Julia Gooden is back. She’s tracking down a serial killer — only to realize she has become his obsession . . .

Julia has just completed the most important story of her life — a book about her beloved brother’s childhood abduction and how she found his killer after thirty years. But that hasn’t taken her focus off her day job — especially with what looks to be a serial killer terrorizing the city. Female runners are being stalked, grabbed off jogging trails, and slaughtered in abandoned churches.

Julia begins investigating with help from Detective Raymond Navarro, and soon realizes how personal the case has become. The murders are planned and executed with precision. And all of the victims share traits with Julia.

The kill contacts her directly, insisting that things will get much worse unless Julia makes him famous by writing about him.

But no matter how skillfully Julia plays along, the killer’s ultimate goal is clear. Only by unraveling the threads that link the killer’s twisted mind to her own dark past can Julia prevent herself from becoming his final victim . . .

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