The Blog Tips Meme (Volume 1)


Fabulous Bloggers You Should Get to Know (Volume 1)

  • From Kailani at An Island Life: Paradise Edition:
  • If you want to build your readership, respond to comments by replying via email or visiting their blog. They’ll appreciate it and more than likely come back again. Razzberry

  • From Holly at Holly’s Corner Blog:
  • The value in your traffic and readers depends on you the blogger. You need to write engaging and meaningful articles and you need to honestly seek out and support other bloggers. I have found that you get what you give . . . blogging is no exception! :)

  • From Karen at Live the Power:
  • Autoposting – On Word Press you can autopost your posts and set them to publish at any time that you want. It’s great because you can go on vacation or whatever and the blog is still getting new content everyday. I set many of my posts to publish at 2:22 in the morning when I’m sound asleep! Love it!

  • From Karen at Pediascribe:
  • Be yourself! Don’t try to pretend to be someone or something that you aren’t. People will eventually see right through it.

  • From Erica at Little Mummy:
  • Reach out to blogs in your area, having “real-life” meetups is so much fun!

  • From Hopeful Spirit at On the Horizon:
  • Forget about competing to be the most popular, the most visited, the blog with the most comments . . . Focus on reading, thinking about what you read and writing with authority and authenticity.

  • From Bobby Revell at Revellian (where I got the idea for this list):
  • When you’re trying to think of a new great post, or deep in thought on how to make it better, just remember – trying is crap. Trying to think is worthless. Thinking is the greatest single hindrance to a writer. Relax, don’t try to think. Let go of your thought and ego. Only then is real thought able to naturally flow on it’s own, without being consciously driven. Just a little something not to think about. Smile

  • From The Gardener at The Magical Rose Garden:
  • In your writing, offer a kind word, display a generous spirit, convey your attempts to grasp meaning in the mundane, and conceptualize and give context to your life and the lives of those you love.

  • From Skellie at Skelliewag:
  • Critique Your Design: Take a good look at your design with fresh eyes by asking the 11 questions she provides — questions you can answer that, when combined, should give you a general idea of the effectiveness of your design, as well as identifying areas that could be improved.

  • From Darren at Pro Blogger:
  • Don’t be an impulsive blogger; be a planner. In fact, he concludes his article by assigning homework: Plan next week’s blogging!

  • Here’s my hard-earned $.02:
  • Start with a blogging software platform that will serve you for the long-run. If you’re not sure which one to use, take the time to set up a couple of test blogs and give the software for each a solid test run. Wait to go live until you are sure that you want to stick with that platform because the transition from one software package to another after a long period of blogging is time-consuming, labor-intensive and will cost you some links and readers. After more than two years on Blogger, I made the move to Word Press and could not be happier that I did. But I am still working out all of the details, including, just for starters, telling everyone that all of my links all changed!

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    1. says

      I like that, “writing is an act of faith.” Isn’t that the truth! And that’s a marvelous list of bloggers to visit and excellent blogging tips — thank you so much, and I have bookmarked your post!

      Happy T13 to you!

    2. says

      Thanks for taking the time to compile this list of great blogging advice.

      In my job planning is key. I don’t know how to anything without a plan. Therefore the large majority of my posts are planned ahead.

      It really does seem to help with your blog’s focus.

    3. says

      This was one of my favorite lists of the day. I bookmarked it and am going to come back and send it to everyone of the guest authors who posts at my blog. The design tips were good (esp appreciated the warning about ads) but the most important part was the part about faith that work pays off….maybe not always in the way you expect, but it certainly does.

    4. says

      My advice, would be if you can write well in two language, take advantage of it!! I had comment on my poetry blog that some of the poem were only in french, and they want it in english too. And I think that my english writting has got a lot better since I start my blog!!

    5. Mallory says

      Great advice! Mine would be to express your sense of humor. Everyone loves a laugh and will transfer those warm feelings toward you. Happy TT!